Priyadarshini Degree College



About Aurora's Degree College

Governing Body

    • The Governing Body is a statutory body responsible for the operation of all aspects of the college which includes finance, educational and research functions.
    • It ensures that the college is functioning well to meet the needs it has set up and remains financially stable.
    • To ensure that the resources are used appropriately, effectively and in accordance to the objectives of the College.
    • It directs the college towards its vision while constantly monitoring its endeavors at every step.
    • It approves the quality strategy of the institution, annual estimates of income and expenditure.
    • It decides the success rate targets like recruitment, retention, grading, suspension, dismissal and determination of pay in the capacity of staff
    • It takes care of the quality of education, student support and enrichment, resources and facilities.



    • Regularly endeavor to improve the operating effectiveness of the college for which he/she is responsible.
    • Takes additional responsibility while creating a roadmap for inculcating professional and ethical practices.
    • Keep informing of current practices and techniques relating to college programs, teaching and administration by attending meetings and conferences, and reading professional materials.
    • As an administrator the Principal is responsible for the daily supervision of the institution, its students, facilitators, professional and support staff, volunteers, and personnel from outside agencies.
    • Be a role-model for all the faculty members by shouldering responsibilities related to academic and administrative functions.
    • Monitors the conduct of the college, pertaining to the administration, departments and the students.
    • Assists the teaching staff in the development, implementation, modifications and selection of



      • Ensuring timely, efficient and progressive performance of academic, administrative and financial tasks.
      • The relevance and quality of academic and research programmes
      • Equitable access to and affordability of academic programmes for various sections of society
      • Optimization and integration of modern methods of teaching and learning
      • The credibility of evaluation procedures;
      • Ensuring the adequacy, maintenance and proper allocation of support structure and services;
      • Sharing of research findings and networking with other institutions in India and abroad.
      • Maintaining relationship with stakeholders for mutual contribution &growth.



      • Uphold and act towards Vision/Mission of the college.
      • Work to establish and maintain a culture of mutual trust and respect in the institution.
      • Complete the entire syllabus within the stipulated time by using examples, case study, models etc.
      • A faculty disseminates and imparts basic or applied knowledge to students and assist students with the learning process and applying the knowledge.
      • Be on a learning process and regularly update themselves in their area of specialization.
      • Understand a student’s psyche and counsel him /her when needed. Also guide in terms of their career.
      • Seek new and better devices, techniques, online technologies, procedures, and methods that may improve the teaching and learning process.
      • Provide the highest quality classroom instruction toward the attainment of the goals of the University, the College, the Department, and the courses.
      • Maintain classroom decorum



        • They should behave, dress and project their image as dignified, respectable citizens of the Country.
        • Student should be in uniform and hold ID card in the college campus.
        • The students must observe discipline. Indiscipline attracts punishment.
        • The students are expected to develop a sense of belongingness to the institute. Keep it up-right and clean and create a congenial environment conducive for studies.
        • Their action must reflect respect for the Faculty members and must inculcate a spirit of fellow- feeling and mutual respect among themselves.
        • They should avoid using cell phones in college campus.
        • Students should not take drugs or consume intoxicants.
        • Student should not indulge in any form of ragging.
        • No student shall be discriminated on the basis of religion, caste & sex etc.
        • In order to become good Graduates student should observe professional ethics.
        • A student


        Administrative Staff

          • Administrative staff support and act towards Vision/Mission of the college.
          • Act with honesty and integrity in all aspects of their work.
          • Work to establish and maintain a culture of mutual trust and respect in their Institutes.
          • Perform other academic/ administrative duties assigned by the Head of the Department /Principal.
          • Practice fiscal responsibility to ensure that all expenditure fall within the budget and use common sense in the expenditure of the college funds.
          • Maintain discipline and dignity.
          • Support teaching staff in conducting practical.
          • Keep it up-right and clean and create a congenial environment conducive for studies.
          • Avoid teasing the students and colleagues, showing partiality, threatening in all forms.
          • Follow all rules and regulations as laid down by the college.
          • Work diligently to ensure that the college provides faculty and staff the tools needed to d