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SharadaMandir - Knowledge Center

After the advent of internet, there has been an explosion of knowledge. There is no possibility of students coming up with excuses on lack of information in the ever increasing competition. Aurora's Degree college understood this importance very early and established 'SharadaMandir', a repository of books, periodicals, journals, magazines and newspapers. In order to inculcate reading habit among the students, faculty meet students in the library engaging them in conversations, conducting book reviews and encouraging review of literature for projects. Involving students so early in projects and literature review inculcates a research bent of mind. This explains the huge number of Aurora alumni working as post doctoral fellows in institutions across the world.

'Sharada Mandir' subscribes more than 50 national and international journals and has a large collection of reference books on advanced disciplines that are aimed at developing students beyond their curriculum. It not only consists of textbooks, newspapers, reference books, journals and magazine sections but also has a section devoted to an archival of editorial clippings and important articles compiled on various interesting subjects. A dynamic CD library is also available for presenting data and information in bytes. Furthermore, information is compiled for the students from various international websites and is collated topic-wise in the form of printouts. The library has many motivational books for general reading.

Digital Library - The knowledge center provides access to an excellent knowledge repository in the form of a digital library having a vast collection of movies, subject related programmes, video archives of college festivals, short films made by the students themselves. The academic repository has many digitized journals, newsletters, papers, dissertations and articles.