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Code of Ethics

About Priyadarshini College

Code of Ethics and Establishing Values

    To establish the college as a Centre for Learning and for the advancement and preservation of knowledge, the college believes in assimilating and establishing certain ethical and core values for understanding and adopting the global complexity and promoting an educational system needed for a societal living.

    All the students of the institution are directed and governed by these values to foster education in its true sense.


    • Discipline plays a vital role in the process of maturing, performing and achieving.
    • To inculcate ethical practices, the college ‘Discipline Cell’ is in place to direct students towards building a conducive environment. To sustain such an environment,
    • Students shall abide by the rules and regulations of the college.
    • They shall respect teachers and all staff.
    • They shall not indulge in indisciplinary or anti-social activities.
    • Any act of indiscipline is addressed by the ‘Discipline Committee’.

Dress Code

    • A proper and appealing dress code promotes professionalism and uniformity.
    • It is a mandate for the students to follow the right dress code to display dignity and demeanor.
    • Students violating the rules of dress code are subject to reprimand by the college authorities.


    • Punctuality and regularity of students are monitored regularly by the ‘Attendance Committee’ that functions according to the norms set by Osmania University.
    • Attendance is a mandate to be a part of the major activities of the college vis-à-vis exams, placements, events, community work etc.
    • Any breaching of the rules of attendance is addressed by the ‘Attendance Committee’.

Cell Phones

    • While communication has become so rapid, usage of cell phones in a judicious manner for building a healthy learning atmosphere is encouraged.
    • Usage of cell phone in the classroom violates etiquette and discipline. Such students are pliable to reproach by the authorities.
    • In case of emergency, students with cell phones can deposit them safely in the administrative office.

Safeguarding the College Property

    • Safeguarding the college infrastructure and property is the responsibility of all staff and students.
    • Each and every stakeholder of the institution is accountable for any deliberate loss or impairment of any article or equipment.
    • In case of any indisciplinary action by the students, the closed-circuit cameras enable the administrative staff to take the footage and subject the offender to further action.



    • Various committees and cells are in place to ensure the safety and security of the students.
    • Cells like anti-ragging cell, students’ discipline cell, students’ grievance cell promote safety and a healthy atmosphere in the college.
    • Indulgence of students in anti-social activities like drug abuse, consumption of alcohol, smoking, ragging, cyber-crime, theft of any kind, physical violence, scuffle etc are subject to serious action.

Community Service

    • All education is incomplete without understanding the societal concerns. Hence, the college believes in imparting education blended with inculcating moral and ethical practices through community service.
    • All students are encouraged to participate in the NSS or NCC activities that inculcate enterprising skills amongst them.
    • Class visits to various NGOs and non-profit organizations, orphanages and home for the aged are scheduled.

Building a Network

    • The institution believes in building a robust environment through a network of its stakeholders like the governing body, teachers, administration, students, parents and alumni.
    • Timely advice, suggestions, deliberations and meetings are encouraged with a view to enable a democratic functioning of the institution.


    • Priyadarshini College believes in integrity to build an institution that fosters transparency, creativity and interpersonal dynamics.
    • It calls for integrity in matters of conducting and writing exams, financial transactions, teaching and learning process, governance.
    • Embezzlement of any of the offices/ functions of the institution is liable to a serious offence.

Skill Development

    • The College believes in enhancing students’ personality by giving a fillip to their implicit and explicit skills.
    • Events and activities are designed and executed to enable students towards imbibing skills which would otherwise remain latent.
    • Indulging students in the major functions and activities of the institution that inculcate responsibility towards society grooms them for better living.
    • Through participation in various clubs and committees students’ and teachers’ interpersonal skills are defined.

Secular and Spirit of Family

    • The institution believes in promoting a secular atmosphere by respecting all members of the society and enabling a healthy family spirit amongst its members.
    • Festivals and practices of all religions and caste are valued to promote the spirit of togetherness.
    • It promotes a harmonious living and a spirit of mutual living by promoting activities across disciplines.

Promoting the Spirit of Nationalism

    • Being in consonance with the institution’s vision of promoting education through a well-built value system, the college promotes the spirit of nationalism by indulging students and staff in programs and endeavours of national importance.
    • Students are encouraged to participate in events organized through NSS and NCC schemes.
    • Birthday celebrations and observing the death anniversary of famous personalities are religiously done.